Welcome to Firelands Electric Cooperative

Due to the high temperatures again today, Wednesday, Sept. 2, Firelands Electric's supplier, Buckeye Power, may reach peak demands. As a result, load management of electric water heaters and HVAC systems is expected from 3pm - 6pm.


Firelands Electric Cooperative is a member-owned, not-for-profit electric utility serving more than 9,000 homes and businesses in rural areas of Ashland, Huron, Lorain and Richland counties. The co-op ranks among the highest energy utilities in the country for customer satisfaction. It was founded in 1936 to provide electricity to areas not served by municipal utilities and deemed too expensive to serve by investor-owned utilities. Firelands Electric Cooperative is a Touchstone Energy Partner that operates as a not-for-profit entity, with annual margins allocated and eventually returned to members in the form of capital credits.


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