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SmartHub 101

Firelands Electric Cooperative’s SmartHub isn’t just for paying bills — and signing up doesn’t mean you have to go paperless.

SmartHub users can sign up to receive important account notifications via e-mail, text message, or a combination of both. Members have the ability to add multiple contact numbers and e-mail addresses, as well as choose which notifications are sent to each contact. Selections can be changed at any time, giving you total flexibility and control.

Members can also monitor their electric consumption with SmartHub. You can view your use from individual months, days, or even hours. You can also compare use from two different months and check out your average energy consumption.


  • Choose to receive a variety of optional notifications regarding your Firelands Electric Co-op account, including:
    • Payment Confirmation
    • Power Usage Alert
    • Power Outage
    • Peak Alert
    • Many others
  • View your electric consumption, compare usage between two months, and check out your home's average use with SmartHub's Usage Tools.
  • Sign up for Auto Pay, or change your billing method. (Simply click on "Auto Pay Program" in the Billing & Payments tab.)
  • Choose how you want to receive your bill  — in the mail, or by email. (Click on the My Profile tab and choose "Update My Printed Bill Settings." Change the slider labeled "Printed Bill Status" in the upper right corner to "ON" or "OFF".)


Learn more about all SmartHub has to offer by clicking the links below:

SmartHub Features [PDF]

SmartHub Notification Setup Instructions [PDF]

SmartHub Power Usage Alert Instructions [PDF]

SmartHub Usage Planning Tool Instructions [PDF]



SmartHub uses the latest advances in technology to keep your information safe! To ensure SmartHub works correctly, you must use the latest version of your web browser. Visit one of the links below, or navigate to the website of your preferred web browser, for the latest edition. 



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